Animal ear PATTERNS

Animal ear PATTERNS, ONLY EARS, 14 types of animal ears

I bring to your attention patterns of ears of 14 types of animals.

ATTENTION! You only buy ear patterns! Not the whole toy, just the ears!

The list includes ears:
1. Fossa
2. Yorkshire Terrier
3. Wallabies-tree kangaroos
4. Fox Fenek
5. Cougar/Jaguarundi
6. Chihuahua
7. Panda
8. Labrador / Spaniel
9. Domestic cat
10. Leo
11. The lion cub
12. The Fox
13. The Tiger
14. Otter

ADVICE on how to increase or decrease the pattern: 
1. Zoom out or zoom in when printing 
2. Open the file on your computer and increase or decrease the image to the required size, attach a sheet of white paper to the screen and circle the eyelet with a pencil.