Fox Pattern +pajama suit πŸ’²9

Fox Doll Sewing Pattern, Beginner Sewing Pattern for Fox Doll, Downloadable Pattern for Making Fox Doll, Plush Fox Toy

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What you get: 
1. Pattern of a fox doll + photo instruction on sewing and decorating a toy. 
2. The pattern of pajamas from 2 parts (vest + trousers) + photo instructions for sewing these clothes. 

All items of clothing suitable for this doll can be found in the section -     

Do you want to give your children a unique and special gift? Are you looking for a way to make that special moment even more memorable? Look no further than the Fox Doll  Sewing Pattern! With this pattern, you can make your own little fox doll, so that your child won’t just have a stuffed friend, but a really special one. 

This pattern is designed to make it easy for you to sew up a one-of-a-kind fox doll by guiding you through every step of the process. From choosing the fabric for the doll , to sewing the pieces together with easy-to-follow instructions, you and your little sewers can create a unique and special fox doll that they'll surely adore.

Here are just a few of the beautiful features of this Doll Sewing Pattern: 

• Fabric of your choice: with this pattern, you can use whatever fabric you like, making it possible to create a fox doll that's completely unique. 

• Easy-to-follow instructions: all the instructions are easy to follow - even for a first-time seamstress! 

• Pocket-sized: the finished fox doll is the perfect size for a pocket, making her the perfect companion. 

Make your child's dreams come true with a one-of-a-kind fox doll that they can treasure for years to come!  Don't wait - get yours today!This PDF file includes instructions and a step-by-step photo tutorial.
The pattern and instructions are in English, easy and detailed.


*This is a digital file, we are not shipping out a physical item with this purchase*

*For beginners to experienced sewers
*Language: Only in English
* Recommended fabrics: Linen, Cotton, Artificial fur, any soft knitted fabric such as cotton velour
*Size: approx.  8 inches 
*You can print it out on your home printer. 

All the necessary materials and tools are specified in the instructions attached to this pattern.