Otter PATTERN πŸ’²20


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PATTERN Otter DIGITAL /Posing toy /Toy Otter SEWING/ PDF Pattern

❗ PDF sewing pattern
❗ You will sew a beautiful toy yourself
❗ No instruction
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Size a length of about 50 cm is 19.5 inches
Size at the withers of about 26 cm is 10.5 inches

The toy is made of faux fur. Eyes glass. Paws and nose are made of clay, painted and varnished. In the neck, body and legs set skeleton locklin. The toy is fully mobile. Can stand, lie down, turn head and feet.

❗❗❗If you have no experience sewing such toys-please do not buy my templates! My templates are quite complex. All my templates are copyrighted. I shoot patterns based on photos of animals and do it manually. However, despite the fact that the patterns are drawn and scanned, all the details are verified to the millimeter.

❗Please note that this is a PDF template, and you must open the file using ADOBE ACROBAT READER latest version.
❗Print it out on A4 paper. The drawing is made on a scale of 1:1 without any deviations.
❗Please allow seams up to 5 mm thick for all details of the body pattern.

❗You can use this pattern for unlimited personal purposes and/or limited commercial purposes, (limit of 60 plushies per calendar year). You can make alterations, modifications, and changes to this pattern for personal use. Please note that this material is not intended for distribution, resale, processing or publication. Thank you for your cooperation.

I wish you a pleasant work with my drawing, and I will be glad to see your result. I would be grateful if you would leave your feedback :)

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me

Best regards Olga❀️️