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Yorkshire terrier Lucy 

The size from the nose to the base of the tail is 9,8 inches (25 cm), not counting the tail.
Size at the withers about 5,5 inches (14 cm)
The sitting size is about 9,8 inches (25 cm)

It is made of faux fur. The nose is made of polymer clay, painted and varnished.
The toe pads are made of genuine leather.
The toy is filled with wool. Lock, neck, lockline lock. The toy is fully mobile.
The toy can sit, lie, stand and turn its head in different directions. This makes it very alive.

This particular toy is not for sale.
You can order the same/

Baby created on the order will not be an exact copy of that photo!!!
Each baby is unique and unrepeatable!!!
It will be made of the same materials and the same technology, but the expression of the muzzle may be different !!!
You must understand two identical toys (like people) do not exist.

Thank you for understanding!