Bear Buka 💲220

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Baby Buka is a very tactile and heavy baby (345 grams). It is made of stunning alpaca faux fur. You won't want to let it out of your hands. He's just made for cuddling. 
Its dimensions are 12.5 inches (32 cm) in full height and about 8.6 inches (22 cm) in a sitting position.

The paws and the head have classic connections (discs and cotter pin).  
Glass German eyes.
The pads of the paws are made of artificial suede.

The accessory is a spectacular collar made of Italian cotton. The Beech tree has its own toy - a bunny made of felt. 

All my toys were not created from existing paintings, but only from photographs and sketches, and exclusively.
It is completely handmade – it will come to you with a certificate of authenticity, including a cute photo.
Of course, he grew up in a non-smoking house. This collectible is intended for adults only. Not suitable for children.